Developing OpenJFX in an IDE

One of the first things we found in the development of the toolbar overflow fix was the problem by opening OpenJFX in any IDE (Eclipse, IntelliJ, NetBeans or VisualStudioCode).

If you want to make a change in the OpenJFX source code you do not need too much (without webview compilation).

  1. Clone repo

  2. Make your changes

  3. Configure a JDK 11 and run the compilation.


But, the question is, how are you going to edit the files? notepad? gedit? nano? vim? well, you can use any of those, but probably you would like to use any of the already mentioned IDEs .

Currently, there are idea/netbeans configuration files commited to the repo that are not need it anymore. So, please, after step 2, remove them :-)

Do not used the checked in project files, as they do not work:

Chistian had a look to the problem and he made some changes in the build.gradle to make it work:

UPDATE 03. April 2019: Our pull request is now included in OpenJFX

Now, open the cloned OpenJFX folder as gradle project:

IntelliJ IDEA Version 2018.03 or newer

Full support, working as expected. The best option.

Click on IntelliJ IDEA in the Window Menubar:

Tools -> Create Command-line Launcher

Type in Commandline or Terminal:

@~/workspaces/openjdk-jfx (develop) :>idea build.gradle

Netbeans 10

Works but it has a problem with gradle and Java Module support (jigsaw).

Basic editing possible, but shows validation errors. Can not work with Java Module System.


Problem with gradle and Java Module support (jigsaw).

Possible workaround over using gradle eclipse plugin.

Have fun to edit OpenJFX :-)