What do I need if I want to contribute to OpenJFX?

Now, with openjfx in github is much easier to contribute to openJFX than ever.

First you need to read the CONTRIBUTING.md from the OpenJFX repo.

Search for a bug you are able to fix with only a few lines of code.

Look at other pullrequests in OpenJFX to learn about the code style the expected.

Get familiar with the git commands you need to contribute. This can sometimes more tricky than you expect.

Sign the Oracle Contributor Agreement.

  • Create a bug in the Java Bug Database.

  • Create an issue in the Open JFX project, referencing to this bug.

  • Now you can create a pull request with the commit message in the format:

    “description (JDK-xxxxxxx)” 

  • Send an email to the mailing list with the pull request.

Have fun and contribute. It is the best way to learn from some of the genius developer on the planet. Where else do you have the opportunity to interact with these rock star programmers? :-)

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